Qualitetch – Photo Etching Company

Have you ever looked into an etching service only to figure out the results were not exactly as you needed? If you don’t want to lose money, looking into a quality photo etching company that will fit the bill is essential. Qualitetch is a photo etching company which provides you with a lot of etching services for different results, using different techniques and different types of metal materials for the perfect etching you need. Read on to find out more about our photo etching techniques!
What is photo etching?
Photo etching is one of many processes using in etching and can be known by different names. From photo chemical machining (also known as PCM) to chemical etching or acid etching, they all mean the same. At Qualitetch, we use a flat sheet of metal for photo etching, ensuring quality results. This flat metal sheet is etched to manufacture highly accurate components and parts for an assortment of businesses and industries. This method, photo etching, allows you to have great results at a low cost both for high or low volume requests.
How accurate is photo etching?
We can assure an accuracy of more or less 0.010mm on your etching using this method, which will depend on the thickness of the metal sheet and the type of metal chosen. Among the metals we use, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for the etching you need doing. The list includes copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, mild steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, molybdenum, silver, nickel silver, titanium, spring steel, bronze, and many more, so you’ll find the right material for your etching project easily.
Which products are used in photo etching?
Other than the flat metal sheet used, Qualitetch uses a chemical agent called ferric chloride for etching the parts you want to be manufactured. This chemical agent ensures accuracy in results and high quality for your components.
If you’re looking for a photo etching company to get some parts for your business, Qualitetch ensures you’ll have the results you want for a reasonable price. We also provide several different techniques that can be combined with photo etching for even more accurate results, making sure you’ll be satisfied with the result.
Don’t bother with less professional businesses which try to offer a lot of services for a price that seems too low – we can assure you that you’ll regret it if you go cheap on your etching service. Qualitetch offers a wide range of services from assembly work to metal laser cutting with many in between, which will ensure you get the etching you want, extremely accurate and durable to use in any industry or business. Photo etching is a lot more precise than other processes like EDM wire erosion, ensuring customer satisfaction and the best results for those who are looking for specific parts that need to be chemically etched. Give us a call to figure out what’s the best solution for you and request a quotation: with Qualitetch, you know you’ll get what you need for your business.