Driving lessons in great Yarmouth

Are you searching for driving lessons in Great Yarmouth? If so, then you are in the right place. We are more than just an average driving school in Great Yarmouth. Our record of accomplishment speaks for itself. Reviews and rankings from our previous students can show you that we are one of the leading driving school in great Yarmouth. Our school prides itself on having the best instructors in the entire region. They are friendly, calm, and skilled. These traits help them offer an excellent environment for students to learn while having fun at the same time.

At our school, the instructors do not force you to attend the next lesson; you look forward to it. Irrespective of being a new driver, or a continuing one, you will love the company of our instructors. We are continuing to grow by hiring more instructors. This is to accommodate the huge number of our new applicants. We have also designed a system specifically meant to help you learn and pass faster. At many times of the year, we give fantastic offers that you or your friends can take advantage of by visiting our site from time to time. We also provide the manual or automatic option to our students. They can also choose a male or female instructor who is always staying close to them even during the driving tests. This is to help them master the routes in great Yarmouth and assist them to pass faster.

Why you should choose us for driving lessons in great Yarmouth:

 We boast more than 90% pass rate for first timers, which is higher than any other driving school in great Yarmouth.

 We give you our FREE driving manual, unlike other schools. We have designed the manual to help our students pass faster and reduce the overall driving lessons needed to complete a course in Great Yarmouth.

 We provide our students with test videos by the great Yarmouth test Centre to reduce repetition and help them save money and time in the end.

 Our instructors understand the local area very well; they know all the test routed and are highly skilled, unlike some other national driving schools that use trainee instructors.

In conclusion, we are the leading driving school in Yarmouth that offers driving lessons at an affordable price. Our record of accomplishment is the best, and you can never go wrong with us.






Intensive Driving Lesson Norwich

If you’re looking to learn how to drive, but don’t want to wait months and months before you can finally get your licence, an intensive driving course can put you immediately behind the wheel and allow you to gain the knowledge and experience you need to pass your driving test in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. That being said, it’s important that you choose a reputable, experienced driving school, otherwise you could easily waste your money on an unhelpful instructor that doesn’t actually do much to help instil the confidence in your driving skills needed to pass your test.
At Chilled Driving, our intensive driving courses in Norwich offer you the perfect platform to learn how to drive in a hurry. We offer intensive driving courses that range anywhere from 15 to 35 hours, all of which is spent inside the car. This means you won’t have to struggle sitting though boring lectures and classroom work, as we believe the best way to teach people how to drive is to actually put them behind the wheel and let them learn from their mistakes. As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect,’ but of course, you can’t actually practice driving without getting behind the wheel.

As the top rated driving school in the region, offering intensive driving courses in Norwich, Norfolk and beyond, Chilled Driving has built up a strong reputation for having some of the best instructors around. Our philosophy is that learning how to drive should be a fun and rewarding experience, not something scary or stressful. For this reason, all of our instructors place a strong emphasis on keeping a calm, relaxed environment throughout your driving lesson.

The name of our driving school really does say it all, as it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a more chilled driving course anywhere in Norwich, or the rest of the UK for that matter. Still, all this would mean nothing if we didn’t also produce results, but luckily, our business model and teaching philosophy has been repeatedly shown to be outstanding. In fact, it works so well that most of our students learn to drive and receive their licences in a much shorter time than the national average.

With a wide range of intensive driving courses in Norwich to choose from, why not give us a call to see just how chilled driving school can actually be.